Reiki With Lisa

Optimum Health and Well-Being



Lisa Wolfson is a breast cancer survivor who dedicates her time to spiritual and holistic growth, helping other survivors and ALL people to reach optimum health and well-being. As a Reiki Master Teacher, who study under the world renowned author Raven Keyes, Lisa guides her students in Reiki training and advancement, works with clients on a regular basis and

co-organizes workshops for holistic, psychic and spiritual growth.

Five years ago, Lisa hosted the first Ladies Day event to honor the remarkable women in her event which has blossomed into an annual event of over 50 women and growing.

Lisa is an excellent organizer of fundraisers and events and is a strong proponent of "giving back".


Lisa has written many articles featured on the website In Care Of Dad,


Lisa was the FIRST Reiki Master to administer Reiki in the operating room while robotic surgery was being performed on her mentor at Columbia Presbyterian Hospitial  (pre-op, during the surgical procedure and in recovery).


"I derive great joy and fulfillment from helping others. Empowerment is key....I grow myself in order to help and grow others"